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Our friends at Vital MTB recently uncovered a new patent by Specialized for a dropper with an auto-adjusting saddle angle based on seat height.

When the dropper post is extended, the saddle sits level. When slammed, the nose of the saddle would automatically be angled upwards slightly. A level saddle is ideal for climbing, but most downhillers (and dirt jumpers) prefer to angle their seats slightly. This helps improve control and makes it easier to hang off the back and control the bike with the thighs.

Specialized Enduro 2017 Red

Why does the new Enduro have a 34.9mm seat tube?

How far out is the new tech? We can only speculate, but we do find it interesting that the new Specialized Enduro ships with a 34.9 seat tube. Specialized does not offer a 34.9 dropper, so the existing bikes ship with a shimmed post.

For more info, check out the patent filing here.

Are you interested in a dropper post that has an adjustable saddle angle? Let us know in the comments.

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